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‘America Cover Up’

America why do you
hate the color of my
people’s skin?

America why did your
people take my people
from our love one’s, our mother’s
our friends.

Is it because the color
of our skin, or do you believe
were not good enough to work
with you yet, just be your business
slaves and work for minimum wage check’s.

I see so many of you Executive’s
with all this money, custome made taylor suits
and private jets.

But none of your American money
donated to school’s, nor to the knowledge
and cures to diease’s due to un-protected sex.

Why America?

Do you think my community
is not important becasue it’s
surrounded by plenty of building’s
what you’ll call hood’s full of hoodlums
not to mention guns and drugs
All these things you let in our projects
America I know there’s a cover up, for
not only only guns and drugs carried by what you call thugs
liquor stores on every corner, North, South, East, and West.

You expect me to let
this go on, to sit back, relax
while everything’s wrong
till all my people are gone.

America like the crack you let
in my hood served to my people
by my people I swear your no good.

America, America
drink this liquor
like each alcoholic
in my hood.

America your gambling with your life
no more of my people shall be husting
nor shaking dice.

America break bread
with my people or I shall expose you
America with all your polluted lies, that cause my people to die
as I find every solution to break you down till you cry.

I shall not hate you for I’ll
be ashamed fool, I’ll only first date you dropp the extra
p, plus the r from rapper, I shall rape you and throw you in a lake too
and take you on a boat ride to another country.

For America your so cruel
you hate the Entertainment buisness
for it makes my people rich
America you worthless bitch
I the poet, I’m tired of your shit.

Dirt and Scandals
covered up till someone blows it up
for a price called Black male
that’s how you paint the potrait of Black life
lies, crimes, and your’s like you paint the portrait of the color
of light when one becomes dead plus Jesus Christ White.

America you white devil
I know you know were getting smarter cause smores
tell the chores of the future, by every camp fire in between
the gram crackers and chocolate melting representing my
African-American people very well pleased caused under
sufficating marshmallows representing no he/she but you America
that’s how it’s gonna be, we shall be freed sure there isn’t that much
slavery going on but through the system that statistic is very well proven
wrong, about 75% percent of people caged in jail cells are either
African-American, Domican, or Latino, and that’s just because they
look like me, that’s how silly you are America because if you listen
close they speak a different language from me, this is just a little
bit of my knowledge that I can destroy you with America.

My people let us all join
and hold hand’s hug your mother,
love all who showed traits of a friend
For America shall not win
I can’t allow it they America must come to an end
and my people we shall win.

For America is covered up,
covering the scars of nothing but
tring to fly N.A.S.A space ships to Mars
I wonder how much that is going to cost
no matter the price you rather no about the outside World planet’s
than give my people worthy check’s to do good.

America compared the mother land Africa
there’s so much different
for instance we love not hate and under no circumstances do we
discriminate, we have have different cultures and clothes,
language young and old and your favorite America skin tone.

Why America do you make
skin color a huge difference?

For America
deep down through color’s were all
the same we function with one brain.

America you drive me insane
cause like you we bleed and
cry like rain.

America I swear
every tear that drips is so sincere
like you we speak using a mouth and lips
sweat and get bad breath but like you we bath
and brush our teeth to get rid of that odor which stinks.

America like you we have eyes
and ears ain’t that the same or shall I go on?
do you care to listen? I swear your driving me insane for how
many times do I have to explain were not that different.

When we are wounded we some way, some how heal
when we get scabs and bruises, we some how lose them.

Like you America when we are cut
we not only bleed we clean it and bandage
so America with this and me being so, sincere.

When I cut you, you shall know my people’s
name’s not numbers that you expect to go to your jail’s, to not make
it in your fake make belief mockery of a country compounded
with 50 states,5 great lakes, and 4 big oceans all polluted with
trash America stop juding us and wipe your self, you stink your skies
polluted by to many factories, and the water’s that surround you can’t
get any more dirty, America your filthy but you have time to think about
how you expect my people to fail and not make it some how,
some way.

But names of greats you hoped to
be fake, so America how bout that date, I’m gonna
cut you from your neck to your face
until there’s equal space for my people and I
make it happen or America you shall die.

See were not selfish we don’t
want it all we just want we just want
to be known as people not criminals and you call us immigrants
running from the law state to state when you brought us to this place
and you judge us because of race, all we want is respect, and equality.

Drip and Bleed if you shall not full fill
our demands, there’s not enough bandages
in this World to help you cover up for America were sincere
with our every breath and every tear, America it’s about that time
were treated fair, and you better hold on to your promise of this
marvelous deal.

Killa Cam

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