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america progresses

America’s Cause

There are so many why’s
Asked of America today
‘Til the governing officials
Hardly know what to say
The hustle and bustle
Have become wear and tear
Many are struggling
But, not getting anywhere.
The prices are soaring
Many are sad…
So many are wondering
If they’ve really been had
The beauty of America
Seems to fade… out of sight
If you don’t know your destiny
And your job has taken flight
America, the land of the free?
Sounds kind of like… a fairytale
When your house and belongings
Have been put up for sale
Who can you blame… if America
Changes from flowers to weeds?
For many people took their! ! !
Part! ! ! in sowing the bad seed
Don’t think of America
As being demolished
Just some of its principles
Of late, have been abolished
And don’t ever think of America
As a lost cause! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
For, sometimes what you ask for…
Is exactly what you get! !
America is still beautiful
And America is still free
But, her complete restoration
Depends on You & Me
Along the way some Americans
Might have missed their aim
But of late, struggle for survival
Is the name of the game
America may have problems
That’s bigger than she
But people, America is still
A good and safe place to be
And, now is the time for
America to strive to stand tall
But, she will need strong support
Which should come from us all

Ty Bohls

ty. bohls

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