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Last Angel

The angel, last angel,
Walks before me,
The angel, last angel,
Last innocent one,
The angel, last angel,
The one who I would hold,
So she would not fall,
Fall like the rest

The last, lone soul,
Who’s heart is still a ruby,
Who’s eyes still have glee,
Lone, lone angel,
Lost, without knowing it!

She’s alone with the vultures,
Grubby little eyes,
Circling, round, round,
For when the fall, the kill, is spied

More than that,
More indeed
Are the other beings,
Once divine,
Fallen to fiends,
Ravenous, and never slated,
Always keen,
For such a maiden,
To make,
But one more slave,
Slave to the thirst,
Thirst of satisfactions; truths be accursed!

Angel, last angel,
Within a living hell,
A fair maiden,
Who can never tell,
The fiends from saints,
The saints from sinners,
What is worse,
(Woe! Far worse for me!)
Is that through all of this,
I can only watch,
And far to gently whisper,
For I fear,
In truth,
The tears,
Of the last angel,
Of the last,
So holy angel
Lost now in a sea,
Before I have seen,
Must I be there,
To see you fall?
Not you, please,
O’ Please

Brandon Ayerz

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