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Mother’s Love

Oh! How sweet is a mother’s love,
Starting from the labour room;
Always trying the best to let her baby out without any scratch,
With tiredness after delivery, still asking after her baby.

Always watching over her baby on the cradle bed,
When the baby cries, she jumps up from wherever she is,
Curdling her babe until he stops crying.
Sleepless night became her custom.

When her baby is sick, she becomes sick also,
Training him up in love,
Chastising him when he goes wrong with affection;
Giving him hope and courage, helping him make good choices

Caring for her child from babyhood to childhood,
From childhood to adulthood, from adulthood to manhood,
Still giving her child advice
About the life he is going to face as a man.

From a child to a teenager, from a teenager to a man,
She has always been there, what a wonderful love of a mother!

Mother’s Love is cheering, encouraging and loving!

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