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Car Repairs

We spend our money on new cars,
Hoping for a break,
From car repairs and all such stuff
Those things our money take.

Before too long, we find we’re wrong
Back to the shop we go.
We get a bill that robs our thrill,
And almost all our dough.

Back on the road, we head for home,
Assured that all is well;
We see the smoke, it blinds our view-
What is that awful smell?

We grab the wheel and pull off quick,
Our nerves are on the border.
Then we discover what’s the matter
The rad is dry-no water!

When that is done, we feel relief,
We head on down the trail.
“What’s that,” you ask, “behind us now?”
A cop is on my tail.

He tickets me, but it’s not fair;
I don’t believe it’s right;
He said to me, it was my fault,
I had just one tail light.

Down the road, it’s getting late,
I’m madder now than fire;
Almost home, three miles away,
….I have a flat tire.

Once that is fixed, I drive on home,
Pull in my yard to stay.
“Repossess it, come and get it,
I’m not going to pay!”

And so it is, the car is gone,
Let’s sit and have a talk.
But if we want to go somewhere,
By golly, we will walk.

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