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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Six little numbers is all it would take.
Oh what a difference those six numbers would make.
Why, I would give up my job and live like a queen
and visit the places that I’ve never seen.

I would buy a big house with its own swimming pool,
party all night and act like a fool,
I would wear the best clothes money could buy,
buy my own plane and learn how to fly.

I would do all the things that I’ve never done
like ski in the snow and bask in the sun.
I would wear diamond rings that sparkle and shine
I could do as I pleased, the choice would be mine.

hey…… but wait a minute

What of my friends if I left them behind?
If I travelled the world, no better I’d find
and if I gave up work, yes I’d sure miss the mob,
so it’s better, I think to hold on to my job.

I don’t need a big house, why I’d feel out of place
and whatever would I do with that extra space.
To buy expensive clothes would just be a crime
where would I wear them? I’m at work all the time!

To fly my own plane with flashing lights?
Who am I kidding, I can’t even stand heights.
I would probably pass out and make such a fuss
so I think I’ll stick to the number 8 bus.

As for skiing, I guess I’m a little too old.
If there’s one thing I hate it’s the freezing cold.
So skiing is out, let’s forget the peaks.
Why, if I broke a leg I’d be off work for weeks.

So why do I need to win lots of money,
to sit down and count it, that would be funny.
I should be grateful for the things I have got
and accept that I’m poor and that’s my lot.

hey……but wait a minute

I work all the week and that’s a right pain
and the day I get off it pours down with rain.
I have lots of mates and their problems they share
by the end of the day I could pull out my hair.

It’s all work and no play, every day is the same
by the end of the week you forget your own name.
You have the boss on your back and targets to meet.
You’re standing all day and get corns on your feet.

Money is tight and the larder is bare,
my flat is so cramped I could never share.
I relax for a while, help is on its way.
At the end of the month I at least get my pay

“I can’t take anymore” I always blubber,
The money’s almost gone, I soon discover.
So weighing things up I seem to find
yet once again I’ve changed my mind.


Friends come and go and life’s a real bitch,
so lord let me be stone filthy rich.
Just send me six numbers its easy for you
just five and the bonus ball please… that will do!

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