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Silver Car Leaving

Its been so long since I have seen your face
So long since I have fallen
I know for certain my heart was true
By the pain I still struggle with
You walked away so long ago
And left me broken and alone
I can still feel the cracks of pain left along the seams of my destiny
As you pulled away from my life
As you drove off behind the wheel of your silver car
Urethral in appearance
I once had thought you would save me
But you left me alone and forgotten
Many moons have set and risen
As I cried out my sorrow
I used to yearn for your reappearance
But I have given up on the fantasy
I can not divulge my holding on
My greatest fear is to forget that feeling
To learn it was falsified from the beginning
How can my heart mend and restart
When all it yearns for is to once again be in your presence
You made me feel special and cherished
Maybe for you I did the same
You were not too young to fall in love
Just too young to stay there
You drove away behind the wheel of your silver car
And I am still not over it
I wish you could have been the man I needed
As well as the man I loved
I wish I was the one you wanted
I wish that things were different
That it would have been together that we drove away in your silver car


Taylor M.E. Leeder

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