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Beautiful Kitten Poppy Sparrow

Little Poppy Sparrow adventures you would seek,
Your tail would just keep moving if a bird let out a tweet,
Jumping on the kitchen tops, you are so silly little pops,
Any movment in the bush you’d investigate, no matter how long it took,
We would shake your food so you would come,
You are my best friend , you are my little chum,
You’d run around all wild and skitty you are so pretty little kitty,
If you were trapped you’d call for help,
If you got hurt you’d let out a yelp,
You’d watch a crow for hours on end then you would start a kitten trend,
It would seem you’d always smile if one of us stroked you for a while,
The landing was your favourite place the sun would shine on your face,
You had the cutest little nose so very light trotting on your toes,
You would greet us face to face, so you would get “go cat” on your plate,
I’ve got your blanket on my bed, it doesn’t smell of cat, but cat litter instead,
Now, I could write pages more but my time is limited that’s for sure!
Although our time was very short I seem to love you more and more,
So be glad for us to say this as you were very smart,
Even though you’ve gone now, you’re always in our hearts.
For a kitten who seemed to have a very short life.
My best friend and best cat in the world, my little Poppy.

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