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The Do Dat Man

There was a man,
Who wore a fat hat
And on the fat hat…
It said, “Do Dat”!

His wife did not like
That fat hat!
So she knocked it off,
Revealing his fat!

She yelled! “Don’t you ever…
Ever wear that hat!
Or tell me “Go do dat”!
Cuz’ I will hit you with my bat”!

I will swing high…
And I will swing low…
And you will be hurting…
From your head…to your toe!

But the man was stubborn…
He was a stubborn old fool.
In his previous life,
He must have been a mule!

Maybe he didn’t hear her,
Or maybe he forgot…
But the man said “Do Dat!”
And he said it a lot!

He yelled! “Do Dis’!
And barked, “Gim’me Dat”!
“I’m very busy”!
He said, as he sat!

I must hold down this chair
And make sure it won’t float!
I have to watch T.V.!
And use “MY” remote!

You may sit in your chair…
And you may watch your show,
But if you say “Do Dat!”
I will leave…I will go!

You should say “Please”
And you should say ‘Thank You”
You should cover your mouth,
Before you go haachooo!

From now on,
From here on out,
You must say “Please”
Or you will do without!

But the man did not hear her
Or he did not understand!
It was as if all of her words…
Were from some foreign land!

It was strange…he never heard her
When she said, “Here’s the rake”!
Yet, he always seemed to hear her
When she said, “Here’s some cake”!

The man kept speaking…
In his same old manner!
He had no couth…
And he had no manners!

But then one day…
His wife heard a word
And it was a word…
She had never ever heard!

“Honey, will you “Please
Grab your …dictionary?
And look up this word…
The word “Pictionary”!

The man did not respond,
He just stared into space.
There was no sign of life,
Not even a trace.

It took him a while,
Because he moves very slow,
But about an hour later,
He said these words below:

It is not in
This book of words!
Is not a word!

She did not believe it…
She had to see for herself.
So she grabbed the book
Back off of the shelf!

She looked in the book…
And what did she see!
There were no words…
That started with ‘P” or “T’!

The words went from “O” to “Q”!
And they went from “S” to “U”!
There was no “Pictionary”,
No “Please” and no “Thank You”!

So she went to the store…
And she bought a new book.
She gave it to her man…
And said, “Please, have a look”!

He studied the words
And made a new list
And he loves to use them,
Since he knows they exist!

He says many “Thank Yous”
And he says many “Pleases”
And he covers his mouth now,
Whenever he sneezes!

He still sits in his chair
And he watches T.V.,
But he has great manners
And his wife is happy!



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