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Asian girl

Its all about the asian hoes,
The ones with afros on their toes,
Look at their lips and their hips,
they’re bigger than their fuckin tits,
They come to college lookin slick,
lookin to suck some big black dicks,
when they get rejected they start to cry,
All that mascarra from their eye,
They wonder why people act so harsh,
Its cus they fuckin have a moustache,
If they shaved it maybe so,
But they will always remain like hoes,
All the same hairstyles and earrings,
the black lingo used "BLING BLING "
They cant pronounce their fucking T’s
they say "do dis n dat wid me"
The black leggings start to shrivvel up,
like their arses their attitudes stuck up
You want our money we want your hunny,
look at her face its fucking funny!
The crane nose that looks like a hook
JUst go home an learn to cook
We dont mind just have your fun,
It wont last that long youll soon be gone
Married with kids at the age of eighteen,
To a Systems analyst from new delhi,
The pyaaz and ghee smell just pisses us off,
No wonder we look for white girls muff,
We cant tell whose who from behind,
who told u to speak your mind,
getting rowdy on the bus,
everyones a racist you make a fuss,
And yes its cuz your asian thats why they hate,
get that chip off your shoulder you fat hairy ape,
Look in the mirror to squeeze your spots,
THe one on your tache needs to get popped,
Goin to a wedding in your shalwaar kameez,
acting all nice, polite and sweet,
To all the aunties an uncles you see,
Wipe that smirk off your face puh leeeeease
Get up from the table trying to get seen
by ranjit, Salman, Navid an his team,
But theyre too busy eating their food,
To look at your buttaz face theyre too good for you!
You wake up in the morning getting ready to misbehave
your going to college not A FUCKING RAVE!!
It only takes a few minutes to get ready you see,
the lipstick, eye liner looks a bit heavy to me,
Your mobile phone with your pakistan flag cover,
A corny indian film ring tone lover,
You sit in lesson not paying attention at all,
Youd rather be with your man in the mall,
walking around holding hands like pricks,
Till aunty Shazia spots you …you think OH SHIT!!
You remember you also have a cigarette in your hand,
Trying to conceal it….too late for that man!
Shes seen you and now your in deep trouble,
the smokes in your mouth u keep it in like a bubble,
Didnt need to inflate your cheeks even more,
You already looked like a dam monkey you whore!
Now you go home an talk to your sista,
Walk into the front room…..



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