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Our Love is a Solid Love

The fast tempo of my pulse is all I can hear.
The breaths I take fill the immense emptiness of my chest.
My love for you is frozen here waiting
Waiting for you to come and melt it
Because when you walk in the room, I will explode.
Explode with tears
Explode with cheer
Explode with fear.
Fear that you might leave someday.
Fear that you might get hurt, by me.
Fear that my love isn’t enough for someone as beautiful as you.
Love is all powerful
Love is compassion
Love is forever.
Forever is all that we have.
For when the lion fell in love with the lamb, time and space and every meaning in life dissolved and reshaped itself.
Our love is a solid love, a love that can not be abolished.


Kaity Bartolo

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