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Happiness uplifts me, Happiness fills my heart, my mind, and my soul, Happiness gives me the strength I need, Happiness is a good feeling that enters my mind each day. Happiness takes my sadness away, Happiness fills my eyes with joy, Happiness makes me excited and thrilled Happiness warms my heart and soul each day. […]

The Most Happiest Man..

Happiness is the most important thing for you to achieve in your life, Happiness can not be gained, It is earned by your heart. Happiness can be found, When you are close to God and obeying his words. Happiness can be found, When you show your kindness to others. Happiness can be found, When you […]

One Saturday Evenin…

One Saturday evening, down the window I was seeing, Up came her call, down the bed was I about to fall. My heart started ringing like a bell; Picked up the phone and amused of what to tell. Down came her offer, and she didn’t have a chauffer, She wants to go out with me, […]

Persuit of Happiness

Everyone wants it all But all I want is good grades It’s more than a paper marked with a messy scrawl This is a reflection of my future that will never fade I try so fucking hard Yet I get a satisfactory mark in return Do tell me, do you like to catch me off […]

Be Happy

Be happy! You will grow into God’s greatest blessing, His highest pride. Be happy! Yesterday’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendering breath. Today’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendered breath. Tomorrow’s world wants you to enjoy its fulfilling breath. Be happy! Be happy in the morning with what you have. Be happy in […]

Dear Happiness

Dear Happiness, You are the hope in the midst of our souls. You are the faith that comes with high goals. You are the meaning of ecstatic bliss. You are the feeling of a loving mother’s kiss. You are the sensation of everlasting love. You are an angel sent down from above. You are the […]

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