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Misssing you

I sit here on this cold bed
thinking about you, those lips,
those eyes, that beautiful smile

I love you so much and can’t
resist your love and the way you kiss
missing you I will be; here in my room
it’s nowhere to be without you
all I can do is cry. Oh, my God
how much I love you.

There’s memories of you in my head
there’s loneliness in my heart
I wish my life wasn’t so hard
And that we weren’t so far apart

I miss that fire in your eyes
I miss the way you smile
you took away that empty feeling
and made everything worthwhile

I love you so much
with all my heart that it hurts
and more than anything in this world
I wish you still loved me
the way I love you….

I want you to Love Me
I love you so much,
but I can’t tell you
Cause you far away

My life changed when I met you
loneliness became a thing of the past.
I really thank God that we met
for where would I be without you

I am not a great poet so I won’t try to be
I just want to tell you what you mean to me
It is so wonderful that we met
It’s something I will never forget

My love for you, Is so very true
tea amo, mi amor (I love you my love)
and now and forever
I want you to know that
you are my only true love

If I only knew what was on your mind,
my answers wouldn’t be so hard to find.
It’s hard for me to say the things I want to say,
but I’m going to because I can’t wait another day.

You opened my eyes and now I can see,
really how much you mean to me.
You are my angel sent from above,
and you showed me the meaning of true love.

I love you


Janet Baez

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